The Art Critic

I haven't posted in a while because I have a lot of projects that are keeping me quite busy. However, recently I took a break and did a quick sketch of one of my cats scrutinizing my work.

Why Cats Do Not Make Good Artistic Muses

Meet Dusty

Meet Dusty Pack, the hiking, backpacking Jackrabbit. Go to Dusty's website to download and color The Rules of the Trail PDF before you hit the path. There will be more Dusty coloring pages about enjoying nature in the future. (BTW, these rules are for everyone -- not just kids.)

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Strong Camp Read Aloud for sending me this photo of their shirts with some of my free Discovery clip art on them. Smoky Mountain Strong Camp Read Aloud is a summer literacy program to help strengthen reading skills and help raise awareness in the wake of a wildfire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that left many in the area homeless and out of work.

Make a Little Book
Looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your children? How about having them make their own little storybook. Just print out the PDF and follow the easy instructions. The perfect project for that aspiring young author and/or illustrator!  Here's the link:

Art Mends! Studies have shown that art has the amazing ability to help heal the body and soul.
Being in the hospital sucks. Being a kid in the hospital during the summer really sucks! So just delivered was another trunkful of art supplies to a local hospital that, sadly, doesn't have a budget for such materials.

Visit for more info.