This Rocks!

Found (if you know where to look) in nearly every corner of my native state of Arizona, rock art is one of the oldest forms of human communication and one of the most fascinationing as far as capturing the imagaination. That is why I chose it as my design for my entry in this year's Graceful Envelope Contest. This year's theme was communication.

By the way, in case you ever wondered, the logo for the Carefree Artist blog was inspired by rock art.


Creating Art in a National Park

Recently I was the official artist-in-residence for Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks (the first one ever, they told me!) The residency was all volunteer and I provided the materials for the program and I donated most of the rights and all the of the original art produced there to the parks. The purpose of my residency was to create artwork and materials that could be used for programs in the parks now and in the future. Judging by the enthusiastic response of all those who came and participated on presentation day I think it was a success.

During my week in Sequoia -- I actually only had five days to work because of travel and the presentation day -- I created over 14 photo-op masks, 6 mask and other coloring pages, and several watercolor and acrylic paintings and lots of thumbnail sketches. My only regret? Not having more time there. It was so much fun and I still had a lot more ideas for artwork.

Thanks to all the great people at SEKI for the invitation to create art in the park!

UPDATE: In October 2017 the Jr. Ranger Book for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks won a 1st Place Interpretive Media Award for Site Publication from The National Association for Interpretation (NAI.) I illustrated the activities and spot art for interior pages. Read more about it by clicking here.


And here are a couple of watercolor sketches of Kings Canyon.

Above are other pieces of artwork created for SEKI including Jr. Ranger Book artwork. I have also created artwork for Pinnacles National Park and Grand Canyon National Park as well.

 Please note: I'm always interested in volunteering to create art, etc. for our National Parks. If you work for a National Park and need artwork please feel free to contact me. Click here.